About Kagumu Development Organisation

Our story

Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) is a National Membership Organization started in 1998 to respond to limited health services and extensive poverty of the people of Kagumu Sub-county in Kibuku district Uganda. It got registered in 1999 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and as an NGO in 2004. KADO currently operates in Eastern, northern, Central and west Nile regions of Uganda. Its head office is in Kibuku District in Eastern Uganda. KADO has a branch office in  Luwero District in central Uganda and Arua District in west Nile Region.

KADO works with the most vulnerable communities living in extreme poverty, reaching thousands of family members in 32 districts of Uganda. With primary funding from sponsors and government, corporate and individual donors.

We work long-term in communities to help transform themselves into places where children, youth and women  can provide what they need to live at their potential throughout their lives: access to health care, nutrition, food security, household incomes and learning opportunities.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of the community by empowering them to participate in social and economic development initiatives.

Our Vision

A self reliant and sustainable community.

Our Values

  • Team work.

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Timeliness.

Partners we have worked with

European Development Fund)
PROJECT: 9th EDF Civil Society Capacity Building Programme: Cassava multiplication and commercialization production in Kagumu and Bulangira sub counties at a cost of Ugx 187,065,050

Ministry of Health- Uganda

PROJECT: Distribution Of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LLINs) at a cost of UGX 157,000,000

TASO Uganda

PROJECT: Supporting Uganda’s Malaria Reduction Strategy (UGA-M-TASO) funded by the Global Fund for malaria, HIV and TB at a cost of UGX 7,030,259,833

Mérieux Foundation
PROJECT: Save Pregnant Women and children less than five years from Malaria infections in Kibuku district
Private Sector Foundation Uganda-SDF program

PROJECT: Groundnuts value addition skills enhancement project

Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

PROJECT: : HIV awareness in Pallisa district

The King Baudouin Foundation

PROJECT: Nike Red: HIV/AIDS prevention and management empowerment among primary schools’ girl child in Pallisa District at a cost of €140,690

Global Giving

PROJECT: 1. Retain Orphan Girl Children in Schools in Uganda at a cost of $85,106
2. Prevent malaria infection from pregnant women and children less than five years in Uganda.


PROJECT: Enhancement of uptake of health services in central and Eastern Uganda at a cost of $114,898

Uganda civil society fund

PROJECT 2010: Scaling HIV /AIDS prevention and management at community level @ a cost of UGX 46,107,750

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